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Hi there, let me start by saying thank you for visiting FPV Finder.

I live in Redditch which is 20 miles from Birmingham, I’ve been a website developer for the past 15 years god that makes me sound old, but to be fair I am 40 next year. I have two kids, a boy and girl and an amazing partner who is a teacher. I came across FPV while on my lunch break clicking through YouTube then I stumbled upon Rotor Riot, and one of the hosts was Mr Steele, I think I watched the whole episode without even blinking my eyes were like laundry drying in the brisk wind blowing dry.

From that one video I was hooked, so over the next three months I watched every single video I could find. Then the next video slapped me in the face with a wet, cold salmon, FPV Racing… The video was DHL multi GP FPV Racing, and one cocky pilot stuck out, and it was Captain Vanover who’s now part of the Rotor Riot pilot.

One cocky pilot stuck out, and it was Captain Vanover

So I built my first kwad ordered the controller, Fatshark goggles, they’re the V3’s if you were wondering? I did start on the DRL sim racer for at least 12 weeks. Then it happens I took this bad boy out for a spin, I walked to the little park at the bottom of my road, all set ready for a line of sight with my daughter as my spotter, I raised the throttle seeing all my hard work hovering, I was ready to fly like Mr Steele. Punching that left stick to the max, doing crazy back flips, rolls, the lot, to be honest, it never even happened like that at all I was too scared, I just hovered going backward and forwards.

Been flying for five months having plenty of crashes, broken props, screws falling out cause I forgot to tighten them up when I built the frame.

So I’d been checking google maps for new flying location looking for parks, car parks, schools and open fields wherever I could fly which was somewhere close enough from my work to fly in my lunch break.

It’s really hard to find a new location where they’re not anyone in my area I could ask apart from a couple of Facebook groups that was sometimes a hit and miss.

I was going for a family walk around Forge Mill with the family on a sunny Sunday, and I just got out the car the first thing I heard was some crazy MOFO power looping across from me in the next field. The kwad gods had blessed me with three new friends I wanted to stuff the family back in the car and join them, but I had to do the family walk.

Searching the internet for new locations I came across a couple of sites nothing great just a map with green pins on with little detail, and the second site was offering insurance for £19.99 for the year to signup to their group. I can’t be the only one who is looking for new locations to fly or checking for other pilots in their area. So I hid away building a new site for the FPV community, and here we are eight weeks later

You can create account for FREE, there are four membership packages to pick from starting from £5 for one pin to £30 for ten pins, you’ll be able to pick five featured pins that will appear on the front of the site, and with every pin you’ll be able to upload 20 images, this will vary from which membership you choose.

I did try my best to make the site free, but Google Maps comes with a charge for using their services, so that why I had to add a membership to cover for the Google maps. You can add your profile pilot pin, flying locations, stores, parks, car parks, bandos, hotels, restaurants, events, meetups, charity events, done racing and more, I’ve also added a review and comment section when you visit a location I’ve tried to cover everything? So if there anything you want us to add? Visit the contact page, fill out the form. So now you know the site came about and my struggle to find new flying locations not anymore.

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